Enroll a New Contact

Enrolling New Contacts

Once you've added a new Contact, you need to Enroll them so they receive the Rapid Feedback Surveys.

  • You can determine the frequency of the surveys recieved (anywhere from once a week, to once every 8 weeks).
  • You can also determine what date they will start to receive the surveys and if you want to have a specified time before they stop receiving the surveys. (You will then need to re-activate them if so desired).

After this is done they are activated and will receive the surveys as indicated by you.

  1. Select "Contacts" on the left side menu. Find the Contact you want to Enroll from the list of Contacts.Click on the Contact Name to access Contact information.

2. Click Enroll within the Contact profile you would like to active

3. Select the criteria for this Contact

You can choose:

  • The frequency of the surveys
  • When the surveys should start to be delivered
  • How long you would like them to be delivered (or choose "Never" if this should be as long as you have a Cliezen subscription)
  • The Owner of the Contact - this is who's name appears in the communication with the Contact (this allows you to send Surveys with a Team name)

Everything is now set for your Contact to start receiving the regular Rapid Feedback Surveys!

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